Whizzer Paul, Cruzzer Motorbikes & Repro parts and accessories that fit Whizzer Motorbikes!

We are looking for a few more dealers to sell the new CRUZZER motorbikes ! If interested call Paul @ 812 637 6687 . There are 5 dealers in the USA now selling. Chicago area , Herndon Va. Santa Barbara Ca. Cinti . Ohio area

In California call Bill @  805 331 2500

Virginia Call Brian @ 703 620 3347

Chicago area call Ralph @815 338 1838

In Ohio , Kentucky , Indiana , Paul 812 637 6687

Mike Schouten , Kent Washington  602 300 6675

I have over 150 parts in stock that fit the repro whizzers and can order All items still available from The manufacturer. email pfreys2@fuse.net. I try to keep 90 parts listed on eBay at all times.

Engines, wheels , fenders, Used Whizzers and Cushman Eagles are also available , just call or email

Whizzer Paul and my supplier and Cruzzer dealers are NOT Whizzer USA. We are NOT affiliated with whizzer USA, or the trademark or copy right Whizzer. We are NOT Whizzer USA , or Whizzer Motorbike . I, We sell aftermarket parts that will fit Whizzers and Cruzzer motorbikes. We do NOT sell Whizzer Copy righted parts. Any use of the word Whizzer is solely for item description only!!

The new Cruzzer motorbikes come in 4 or 5 boxes and must be assembled by the purchaser . I prefer that the bikes bought from me are picked in the Cincinnati Ohio area. The Cruzzer bikes come in Base black color and also have the new auto clutch , front and rear drum brakes , dual mirrors , speedometer , upgraded seat , bike frame and electrical . Many upgrade accessories are available. 4 Stroke 138 CC engine ,turn signals, white wall tires and chrome rims are also standard, Enjoy the fun of building your own bike ,

Also comes with a serial number , M.C.O .paper work and assembly instructions .

Check out some of my parts on eBay or email or call me for a free parts list. You can also look for me In Portland In. July 17 th - 20 th , Just look for my banner WHIZZERPAUL. pfreys2@fuse.net I have more bikes on the way and a lot of new items I have never had in stock or listed before that will arrive mid month . So what ever you are looking for , from the new ceramic cylinder kit , engine parts , fenders , wheels , exhaust pipes, rear sheaves , gaskets , frames , clutches , speedometers , all cables . I am your source . WhizzerPaul.

Also have 3 totally restored Cushman Eagles , 1957 , 1961 , 1964 . For sale , Call for a price.

Whizzerpaul Repro Parts That Fit Whizzer Motorbikes



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